27.09.12 VWH at Dudgrove06.10.12 VWH at Cripps Barn03.11.12 VWH Opening Meet01.09.12 VWH HOUND EXERCISE01.12.12 VWH AT OXWOLD HOUSE26.12.12 VWH at Cirencester Park - Boxing Day31.12.12 VWH at Dryleaze Farm05.01.13 VWH at Winson12.01.13 VWH at Sunhill Stud16.02.13 VWH AT CRICKLEY BARROW23.02.12 VWH AT GREAT LEMHILL02.03.13 VWH AT MANOR FARM, GRAFTON07.03.13 VWH AT GLEBE HOUSE14.03.13 VWH AT WARNEFORD06.04.13 VWH AT TEN RIDES TO CLOSE THE SEASON